Article 03: Benefits of Using Inversion Tables

Benefits of Using Inversion Tables

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Benefits for Spinal Cord

Provides Back Ache Relief – Most of the times when we are standing, sitting, exercising or even lying down, our backbone or spinal cord is in a tensile position. That means that our vertebrae are compressed and experience friction without relief. Inversion table provide a chance for decompression of the vertebrae, relieving the joints and the vertebral column. It is letting your vertebrae stretch a little so when they go back in compression after decompression, they are at ease. This is where you experience relief from your back ache.

Rehydration of Spinal discs

If you ever took an anatomy class in biology, you will know that the human spinal cord is composed of vertebral discs that are set over one another. Between them are spinal discs that provide lubrication and help reduce damaging friction. The spinal discs is the soft musculature between hard bone and it suffers a lot due to the compressed state of the spinal cord all day long. While we are standing, sitting, walking; the spinal discs lose their height and moisture providing lubrication for the vertebrae. This causes them to be exhausted and also effect out vertebrae. Excessive compression also leads to inflammation of the discs that lead to nasty back aches and sometimes the dehydration of disc causes them to slip which we usually call “herniated discs”. All of these conditions are very painful and doctors usually recommend spinal surgery to fix these problems.

However, we can avoid surgery by using inversion tables. Inversion tables provide a chance for the spinal cord to decompress which causes minute openings between the vertebrae, this is the same time that the blood circulation is in reverse flow and blood circulates between the decompressed vertebrae. Circulation provides lubrication and nutrients to the discs. The stretched position also helps in the readjustment of the spinal discs. This has been found as an effective way to treat herniated discs. In a study led by the Newcastle University, twenty patients who had been recommended back surgery took the inversion table therapy. Almost 77% of the patients reported that they did not have the back problem after the therapy and they did not require back surgery.

Reduction of Nerve Pressure

Some of the most painful back problems and even pain surrounding the head region is caused by nerve pressure. Our nerves are delicate structures and too much pressure on them causes them to inflame and not function properly. The nerve pressure is caused by overworking the nerves. You can overwork the nerves by thinking too much or doing excessive mental activity but you are also putting pressure on them by not doing enough physical movement and your muscles are not moving enough to provide healthy rigor to the nerves which builds up pressure on them. This can cause sciatic pains in the body, numbness and even mental breakdown.

The inversion table provides the body to move from its normal state and reverse the gravitational pull. The spinal cord stretches helping in the hydration and circulation of blood in the nerve roots present in the grey matter inside the spinal cord. This helps in relieving the pressure on the nerves and conditions like sciatic pain and painful nerves subside, providing relief to the patient.

Realignment of Spine

Our spinal cord is made up of vertebral columns which are linked to one another by muscle, joints, nerves and vessels. They are like building blocks stacked over one another. Imagine if even one block would be slightly misplaced, the entire column would be misshapen. Imagine the happening to your vertebral column. Even if one vertebra is out-of-place, the spinal cord will be misshapen and the connecting muscles, nerves and vessels would be in a stretched state causing a lot pain.

Inversion table stretches the spinal cord and provides a chance to realign the vertebral column that is out of shape with movements. The discs in between the vertebrae are lubricated during inversion and they provide enough lubrication for the vertebra to slip back in place. This is a very good method for spinal realignment compared to surgery which has a long recovery time.

Relieves Muscular Tension

Your muscles around your spinal cords adjust constantly for you movements. They are not only providing protection to your spinal cord by cushioning it but it is also providing mobility and blood flow to your spine. They are overworked and tired and in some cases that leads to back pain. This is known as muscular sciatica. Like nerve sciatica, inversion table use also provide the muscles to decompress and move into an inverted state. This helps in easing the muscular tension and relief to muscular pains in the back.

Other than the relief it provides for our back including nerve muscles, spinal discs, spinal tissue and muscles, the inversion table use also provides us with a lot of other health benefits as well including;

Better respiration

Usually, the blood that is provided to our lungs by our heart remains in the lower lungs’ section due to the gravitational pull on them. The inverted position gives the blood to flow to the upper part of the lungs which helps them rejuvenate and make the flow of oxygen easier.

Clearing Up the Sinuses

You can also use inversion tables to get relief for your sinuses during allergy season and flu. The inverted position helps in good blood circulation of the sinuses and nasal cavity. This helps lubricate the nasal cavity and the sinuses which will help them work much more effectively. The blood flow will also help in flushing out your sinuses and clearing them out providing relief from stuffy nose, headaches and sneezing.


Improves the Circulatory system

When you are using an inversion table, your inverted body allows a good blood flow to go to your brain and upper body without struggling against gravitational pull. Not only does this allow a good blood circulation in the upper body but also gives your heart a much-needed rest. Your heart usually has to exert more force to work against the gravitational pull to get blood to your upper body. When your body is in an inverted state, the heart does not have to work hard against the gravity and this is when the heart gets a rest from the extreme pressure that it has to exert normally.

Lymphatic System Improvement

This also gives a chance to your lymphatic fluids to flow to the body parts that are usually harder to reach due to gravity. The lymphatic system provides protection against disease to the body but it is slower than blood due to lack of a mechanical organ like the heart to exert pressure and make the fluid flow possible. The inverted state lets the lymphatic fluids flow to the places that are not easily accessible and help build a better immunity system.

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