Article 02: Inversion Tables for your comfort

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Inversion Tables

Luckily, people who are unable to do yoga can always buy an inversion table. An inversion table is a device which contains a rotating table, mostly padded on which you could lie down on and strap yourself in. Most versions also contain gravitational boots in which you can strap your feet in. Once you are strapped in, you can rotate the table into inverted angles where your body can go into an inverted position without any effort. Your body can be inverted on various angles or fully inverted while your body is strapped on and your gravitational boots and normal gravity provides an elastic force to your body which could help stretch your body at the angle of inversion. This helps in relieving the pain and stress on your nerves, spinal disc, muscles and circulatory system.

Using Inversion Tables

Inversion tables are recommended by physicians and therapist as a part of inversion therapy and physiotherapy. Inversion tables provide a majority of patients with an easier way of inversion instead of exerting muscle force and tiring themselves. They can easily lie down on the table and rotate it at an angle that feels comfortable. The patients can start slowly. They do not have to be completely inverted on their first day. Inversion table are rotatable and they can be fixed at a certain angle. A patient can easily start his or her inversion therapy with 25 degrees angle, they can then continue to increase the angle of inversion slowly. Most patients have reported that they find complete relief at 60 degrees angle. That means that they do not have to be inverted completely. They just need to find an angle of inversion where their bodies are inverted, their head is lower than their chest and there is a reverse gravitational pull on their body which causes it to stretch.

Inversion tables are one of the most convenient options for inversion therapy. They are easily available to order online, they don’t require a lot of space and there newer versions are remote controlled so you can easily operate them.

Benefits of Using Inversion tables

Using Inversion table yield a lot of benefit for a variety of back problems including nerve stress, spinal inflammation, herniated discs, fibromyalgia, and sciatica and has other health benefits. Inversion table provides relief to all these conditions because of the effect that it has on our body. These effects can be called the benefits that the inversion table provides including; See Next Report 03


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