Article 01: What are the Benefits of Using Inversion Tables?

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What are the Benefits of Using Inversion Tables?

Why you need to use inversion table and what benefits would you be reaping for your health after using one

You see the term ‘inversion table’ and the first thing that comes into your mind is Maths. Some complicated Maths table that helps you find the value of an inversion equation. While there might be a table like that somewhere. The inversion tables we are talking about are completely different. They are an accessory to the inversion therapy for relieving spinal and other back related problems.

Inversion Therapy

Before you know anything about inversion tables, you need to know the theory behind them which is the inversion therapy. The inversion therapy is simply defined as a therapeutic technique in which your body has to be in a position where your heart is above your head. Usually this is done by being in an upside down position vertically where your head should be at a lower level then your chest.

How Inversion Therapy Works?

Most people wonder about how inversion therapy works. Well, it is really simple. You see when you are upside down, your body’s weight is also reversed. That means that the gravitational pull of the Earth is directly coming to the top side of your head.

  • Usually our brain feels the gravitational pull from the lateral side which is why all our nerves are stretched in the downward position. This reverse in gravitational direction helps in giving some nerve relief.
  • The reverse in gravitational pull on the body also helps in stretching of the spine in the other direction. In patients facing disc problems, this technique is very beneficial for relieving the disc displacement.
  • The blood flow also goes to your upper body causing a complete blood circulation to the brain and the heart. This helps the brain and upper body faculties to function in a better way. It is kind of a rejuvenation technique in which your body gets refreshed.

Researchers have conducted studies to support their claim that inversion therapy is beneficial for people suffering from back and nerve problems. Inversion therapy provides relief from the gravitational pull. It provides relief from diseases like nerve sciatica, spinal herniated disc, disc protrusions, disc damage, nerve damage and spinal ache.

The best way to get complete benefits of inversions therapy is to use proper techniques. Now yoga and aerobic yoga have become very popular among people. In yoga, there are certain positions that allow you to put your head on a lower position than your chest like the dolphin pose and then there is hanging upside down or standing on your head or your hands in upside down position. While a lot of people are doing it, many people who actually have the range of diseases that inversion therapy can fix cannot imagine doing these yoga exercises. It is sometimes hard for them to stand on their feet, let alone their heads. They need assistance and support for hanging upside down. They need a structured tool that supports their body so they have to exert minimal effort while yielding the benefits of the inversion therapy.

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